Arrested In Barco de Ávila With Hashish, Marijuana And Cocaine

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The Civil Guard detained an individual in Barco de Ávila for drug trafficking. The establishment was also reported for committing 11 infractions.

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Operative Plan of Police Response to Retail Traffic and Drug Consumption in zones, places and places of Leisure and Fun, has arrested a person as alleged author of a Crime Against Public Health.

During the dawn of 21 of the currents, in the town of Barco de Avila, the Civil Guard performs a special operation consists of the inspection of nightlife, such as nightclubs, pub, areas where bottles are made even in communication channels through alcohol and drug tests, to comply with the aforementioned Plan.

In one of the premises inspected, several people were seized 5 grams of hashish, 3 grams of marijuana, 1 gram of cocaine and 3 “tablets” and a half of hashish with a weight of 358 grams.

The result of this operation was settled with 3 complaints to the Citizen Security Law for possession of narcotic substances, another 2 for possession of a knife, and the arrest of the person who owns the hashish tablets as the alleged author of a crime against Public Health in the form of Drug Trafficking.

In addition, the Establishment was also denounced for committing 11 administrative infractions, committing irregularities in the permits, allowing the Consumption and Sale of narcotic substances, among others.

This type of inspections will continue to be carried out with the aim of preventing crime throughout the province, obeying the guidelines set by the Plan.

This police action has been carried out by the USECIC (Citizen Security Unit of Command) and Patrols belonging to the Civil Guard of Barco de Ávila and Muñogalindo.

Arrested In Barco de Ávila With Hashish, Marijuana And Cocaine


Source: Cope