Arrestan Cruise Crew That Brought Cocaine In Their Pants and Sandals

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Federal agents noticed something strange in the way that a member of the crew of Riviera Cruise, of Oceania Cruises, was walking when getting off the boat in the Port of Miami the day after the New Year.

Wilford Thobourne “walked stiffly on the deck of the ship,” due to the more than a pound and a half of cocaine he had hidden in the groin area and the five pairs of shorts and underpants he had under his jeans in order to Hide the contraband, wrote Adam Jefferson, special agent of the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, on January 3.

Thobourne, 31, also had nearly two pounds of cocaine hidden in the soles of the sandals agents found when they registered at around 12:15 pm on January 2, according to the Jefferson report.

The cruise Riviera had just returned from several places in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico, St. Bart’s, St. Lucia and the Grenadines, according to court documents.

It is not known with certainty what kind of work Thobourne did on the Riviera, what time he had with Oceania, or whether he continues as an employee of the company.

Arrestan Cruise Crew That Brought Cocaine In Their Pants and Sandals

Oceania did not answer the questions that were asked about Thobourne’s work status. Thobourne will have to appear before a federal judge in Miami on Wednesday at 10 am for a detention hearing.

The date of his indictment was set for January 17 in Miami. Thobourne’s arrest comes two months after seven members of the cruise ship MSC Seaside were arrested and accused of smuggling.

The seven were accused of bringing 17 pounds of cocaine through the Port of Miami from Jamaica aboard the ship.


Source: El Nuevo Herald