Army Rescues 15 Castaways in Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua

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A total of 15 people whose boats had been shipwrecked in the Great Lake of Nicaragua were rescued yesterday by troops from the Army Naval Force, the military force reported yesterday.

According to official information, the shipwrecks occurred at two different times last Sunday and the cause of the mishaps was the strong waves that predominate over the national territory.

Press release 11-2019, specifies that the first of the accidents occurred at 3:30 p.m.

“Military personnel of the Naval Detachment of Inland Waters of the Army of Nicaragua, conducted search, rescue and rescue of the ship the Frigate, which had sailed with seven passengers who were shipwrecked by the strong waves, at 3:30 pm and was located at 1:00 am on February 25, 3.5 nautical miles south of the Solentiname archipelago, “says the official communication.

He added that all those rescued were taken care of by the Naval Force and later transferred to the San Carlos medical post.

Army Rescues 15 Castaways in Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua

“The Naval Force recommends that boat owners of all types carry out a technical inspection of their boats and comply with the recommendations offered by port captaincies not to navigate when bad weather prevails,” the statement ends.

Also fishermen

On the other hand, the second shipwreck was carried out by eight fishermen, whose boat -with an unidentified name- was also overturned by the strong waves.

The press release 10-2019 states that the accident happened in the area of ​​’Los Arenales’, near Zapatera Island, in Lake Cocibolca, “

The names of the fishermen rescued were not disclosed by the military authorities, in their note.

The survivors were saved after a search operation, rescue and rescue, executed by the Naval Detachment of Inland Waters of the Naval Force, explained the Nicaraguan Army.

The extension of the Great Lake of Nicaragua, of more than 8,000 square kilometers, facilitates the appearance of waves up to 3 meters high or higher when strong winds are present, according to experts from the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (Ineter).

Maritime accidents related to weather conditions are common at this time of the year in Nicaragua. Two days before the event in the Great Lake of Nicaragua, the Naval Force rescued 39 people who were travelling on a sailing ship that was wrecked in the Caribbean Sea.

February is one of the most dangerous months to sail, both in the great lakes and on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Nicaragua, due to the strong winds, which cause waves capable of capsizing boats, especially medium and small, according to the authorities.

Army Rescues 15 Castaways in Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua

Strong winds will persist

According to the Agrometeorologist of the Humboldt Center, Agustín Moreira for this week it is expected that the wind speed can reach up to 95 kilometers per hour.

The expert indicated that the winds will oscillate between 91 and 94 kilometers per hour, mainly in the area of ​​Carazo. In Estelí and Matagalpa 91 kilometers and from Boaco and Río San Juan, between 46 to 78. In the West it is expected that the speed is between 50 and 66, and Managua, Granada and Masaya from 69 to 71 kilometers.


Source: DiarioMetro