Are Venezuelans Becoming Pirates Due To The Economic Crisis?

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The current economic crisis in Venezuela has led many local fishermen to “become pirates” to escape unemployment and poverty, which in general measures jeopardizes the integrity of Caribbean waters.

Colin Freeman, a foreign correspondent for the British newspaper  The Telegraph , says that the problems are mainly felt in Trinidad, where local fishermen  are deprived of exercise, while boats are mistreated and even abducted.

“Most of the attacks along the coast of Trinidad occur just before sunset, so that pirates under cover of darkness can disappear without being disturbed,” testify the victims of this type of theft.

It is supposed, according to what is reported by the English media, that a large proportion of the pirates are former employees of the Venezuelan tuna fleet, which has collapsed through the nationalization program promoted during the Chavéz and Maduro governments.

Are Venezuelans Becoming Pirates Due To The Economic Crisis

“Sometimes, they rob our people, but in other cases they  are kidnapped in Venezuela and a ransom is demanded for their freedom, ” said Esook Ali, leader of the local fishing association, to  The Telegraph .

In this sense, those who try to work honestly fishing, have argued that despite asking for help from the coast guard, they never receive a response.

“At first, amounts between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 were requested, but now that’s much higher, even  rescues of more than $ 30,000 are mentioned. That is impossible to pay for our community. The coast guard has been asked armed escorts, but has not yet received a response, “said one affected.

Are Venezuelans Becoming Pirates Due To The Economic Crisis

In Trinidad, fishing not only suffers the activities of Venezuelan pirates, since  the smuggling of cocaine and weapons from Venezuela, have intensified in recent months.

Source: Venezuela al Dia