Are They Trying to Communicate With Us? Or Marking Their Territory? Huge Symbol Appears in Frozen Lake of China

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If you thought that the mysterious symbols drawn on agricultural crops that became popular in 1990, had gone out of style, you are very wrong, small reader, because these figures are still studied by some researchers who called themselves ‘cereologists’.

You should already know what I’m talking about, because the geometric lines that appeared inexplicably in different areas of crops around the world were or are (?) Main topic of conversation in the program of Jaime Maussan and some unforgettable films like SeƱales.

Horace Drew, a prominent professor who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech), said that circles are hidden messages that aliens send us to establish some kind of communication.

As we mentioned earlier, the lines emerge in unimaginable places and even though they had only been found in fields, this time they found the strange circles in a frozen lake in China .

The photographer Qing Xiu, from the tourist company Qinghai Lake Tourism Group, portrayed a gigantic and mysterious figure in Qinghai Lake on April 12.

The images were taken in the morning and the diameter of the circle seemed to measure more than 100 square meters.

No expert has expressed his opinion or a probable explanation of this rare event, but due to the greatness of the line, users have expressed some commotion through social networks.

The portal Esoteric and Paranormal World shared some opinions of Internet users as skeptical comments that say that this form was created by pranksters who want to attract attention.

Several people insist on the theory that the circle could have been made from a helicopter, but the locals counteracted this idea by explaining that they have not seen any aircraft for weeks.

Other people say that this figure is the logo of the Chinese automobile company AION, so it is likely that the symbol is part of a marketing strategy.

Conspiracy hypotheses suggest that, due to the perfection of the stroke, alien technology made such a delicate figure.

But that’s not all, because there is a legend about the lake that deals with the existence of a dragon-like beast with a snake head and iridescent scales.

See the video here:

Do you think it’s an extraterrestrial monster? Which explanation do you think is most likely?


Source: La Neta Noticias