Are They Making Love Or Fighting? Either Way Beachgoers Were Terrified To See Them (VIDEO)

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A video posted on YouTube has gone viral because it shows the moment in which two black creatures emerged from the rocks and terrorized dozens of bathers, who were enjoying the Cyprus beach

A tourist who had come to the beach excited to bathe in the majestic beaches of the European city emitted a cry of horror after witnessing a fight to the death between two dangerous reptiles. Thousands of users were amazed by the appearance of dangerous animals in a crowded place.

The video shows two serpents with a length of 2.5 meters long, emerged from between the rocks of the beach and reached the last row of tanning beds, from where he was recording the creepy scene.

Between the whispers of the waves and the warm wind, the man heard strange sounds a few inches from his hammock, without imagining that when he opened his eyes he would come across two black snakes making undulating movements as a signal of mating, but in reality It was about a brutal confrontation.

In a matter of seconds, the man jumped up from his beach bed and did not hesitate to record the unusual event on YouTube, which put the hair on end of dozens of bathers, who were enjoying the warm summer on the beach. According to the witnesses, the snakes got entangled in a fight that lasted more than five minutes.

Thousands of viewers of the video showed their bewilderment to discover that poisonous snakes can appear on crowded beaches. “Incredible, beaches are supposed to be a refuge from distraction, but it’s just the opposite”, “I do not know what I would have done in his place, but I’m sure I would not be recording”, were the most outstanding comments on social networks .


Source: La Republica