Antarctica Records The Largest Amount Of Melted Ice In A Single Day

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Climatologist Xavier Fettweis indicated that the thaw is the largest recorded since 1979. The situation would be a “weather emergency.”

The Global Forecasting System (GFS) presented data that reveal a possible climate emergency in Antarctica. According to his report, a thaw record was reached in just one day.

Approximately 15% of the surface of the continent melted on December 24, reports RT. This situation is recorded as the largest meltdown in Antarctica since 1979.

These data were obtained from the Regional Atmospheric Model (MAR) and also indicates that there was maximum growth in water production.

“Water production was also a record because of the thaw from November 2019 until today, 230% higher than the average,” said Xavier Fettweis, a researcher at the University of Liège in Belgium .

According to the scientist, the region has been “significantly hotter than average” this season. However, it is important to wait for other defrosting seasons to conclude that it is a weather emergency .

This, because the data obtained comes from a single model and not from general observations in place.

Despite this, Fettweis points out that “the global warming brand cannot be ignored.”

On the other hand, the meteorologist of the Institute of Environment of the University of Minnesota, Eric Holthaus, considers that it is “a climatic emergency”.

Higher sea level

A group of scientists from the United States, Chile, New Zealand and the Netherlands estimated that the sea level would increase by up to 23 meters if the ice sheets of Antarctica were completely melted.

As explained in the journal Nature, missing only 2 ° C so that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the Earth produces a climate similar to the Pliocene geological age of about 3 million years ago.



Source: La Republica