Another Shipwreck Caused By Fire On Board Of A Bottom Trawler Built By ASFIBE

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This morning a fierce fire was declared on the fishing boat EL CAMPANERO, based in Caleta de Vélez, from which the ship was shipwrecked and the crew saved by another fisherman who worked nearby. EL CAMPANERO was a bottom trawler, authorized to fish in the Mediterranean, with 17.85 meters in length, 104 HP, 40.6 GT, built in polyester, in 1999, by the shipyard Asfibe (Astilleros de Fibra de Benicarló, SA ), in the province of Castellón.

The causes of the fire are not yet known, but it is probable that it started in the engine room because of the cause already known in previous cases: an oil pipe breaks, which falls on a very hot engine surface, which ends catching fire. The fire spreads with great speed as soon as it lights the polyester helmet, making the efforts of the crew useless to control it.

The Commission for the Investigation of Marine Accidents and Incidents (CIAIM) should investigate the case and make a quantum leap in its task to analyze if there are reasons that explain why all the burning ships share a series of characteristics: fishing vessels dedicated to bottom trawling in the Mediterranean, built in the same shipyard and in years to come, it could well be that there was no coincidence in so many coincidences, but some design and construction error whose knowledge could save us new cases in the future.

Another Shipwreck Caused By Fire On Board Of A Bottom Trawler Built By ASFIBE


Source: Naucher