An Unlikely Culprit Attempts To Steal A Fisherman’s Catch Of The Day (Caught On VIDEO)

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The image will catch you from start to finish. A video was recently unleashed that triggered a laugh among users because it shows the fierce ‘battle’ between a man and a snake

As specified by the publication of Facebook, it all happened when the person responsible for the recording was preparing to collect the fish that had recently caught in the waters of a park in Virginia, United States.

The man thought that it would be a typical scene of his successful fishing task, however, his plans would be abruptly interrupted by the surprising appearance of a dangerous and feared reptile.

The snake does not reject its intentions and fiercely struggles with the fisherman to keep the fish.

Both the fisherman and the snake did not abandon their desire to succeed in the unusual struggle. Unfortunately, the viral video fails to show the way it ends.


Source: La Republica