An “Instababe” Gets Bitten by a Pig in the Bahamas

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While on vacation in the Bahamas, Michelle Lewin was bitten by a pig on the left butt cheek.  

The instagrammer and the animal were on the same beach, Lewin looking for ways to feed social networks, while the pig was simply living his life as a pig, social networks being very far from his daily reality.  

The young Venezuelan was filmed walking in the sand when the pig came to her with a specific goal in mind: to bite the backside. And he succeeded brilliantly!  

We still do not know what pushed him to attack.   

An "Instababe" Gets Bitten by a Pig in the Bahamas

The author of these lines can be counted among the lucky ones who have never been bitten by a pig, but he can imagine that it is a painful experience.

After the pretty blonde, bitten, screamed in pain, a second pig, probably estimating that biting the back of an influencer could be a rewarding experience, tried to imitate his friend, but without success .  

Meanwhile, the woman with 13 million subscribers was running away shouting sentences in Spanish.   

An "Instababe" Gets Bitten by a Pig in the Bahamas

For those who doubt the strength with which the pig bit her buttock, Lewin took the trouble to show the trace of the bite, which will probably mark her behind for the next few weeks.  

The entire bag of chips is wishing him a speedy recovery.


Source: Journal de Montreal