An Example of Man’s Destruction of Earth That Causes Confusion to Our Wildlife (VIDEO)

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The animal could not lay its eggs where nature indicated, due to the changes caused by the human being in one of the Maldives islands.

A green turtle unsettled many inhabitants of Mandhoo, one of the Maldives islands, on Tuesday trying to lay their eggs in the middle of the Maafaru airport runway, reports the local newspaper The Edition.

According to the source quoted there, the animal tried to find an appropriate nest for spawning and, not finding it, deposited its eggs on the asphalt, where they were left without any protection. Once the process was completed, the turtle went back to the ocean.

In a photo published by one of the witnesses of the scene, the reptile appears next to three eggs that lie on the runway while a man, apparently employed by the airport, watches what happens.

The incident demonstrates once again the devastating effects of man’s intervention on oceanic fauna, the newspaper explains. The economic growth that the Maldives are experiencing affects the nature of the archipelago, say local ecologists.

Example of Man's Destruction of Earth That Causes Confusion to Our Wildlife

Green turtles are an endangered species that is distributed throughout tropical and subtropical oceans. One of its particularities is that the females always spawn in the same place where they were born. And one of the most common nesting sites is for them the island of Mandhoo.


Source: ActualidadRT