An Argentine Tourist Died in Thailand on a Diving Excursion

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The 39-year-old woman was lost at sea, was rescued, but died after being hospitalized for four days.

Rocío Leticia Gómez had traveled with friends to Tailanda for a dream vacation, and had chosen the school “Pura Vida” , popular in the Gulf region, to dive in the sea for the first time .

Phiyapong Boonkaew, the head of the police on the Thai island Koh Tao, reported today that they are “investigating the circumstances” of the accident that caused the death of the Argentine tourist.

The company states that on her first day of instruction, the young woman was lost during one of the dives. Another inexperienced person, the instructor and a second diver who had experience, participated in the excursion.

Another diver found Argentina about 6 meters deep, but he did not have a respirator. Rocío was taken by boat to a hospital. On the way, two of the students -who were doctors- gave him first aid.

From December 17, the date on which the accident occurred, Rocío remained hospitalized until she died four days later .

An Argentine Tourist Died in Thailand on a Diving Excursion

In a statement issued by “Pura Vida” through its social networks, the institution reported that:

“All standards of safety and professionalism were met, and the witnesses exculpate the instructor from the event, but that does not avoid the total and absolute moral responsibility of the instructor and Pura Vida Koh Tao in the accident”

“We continue to collaborate in everything to clarify every minute detail,” they said from the diving school.


Source: TN