AMP: Investigator of General Directorate of Merchant Marine Investigates Car Carrier Fire “Sincerity Ace” 

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Vessel sailed from the port of Yokohoma, Japan, bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. UU

The Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP), through the Maritime Accident Investigation Department of the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, proceeded to assign an investigator to carry out the corresponding safety investigation, relating to the fire suffered by the ship. Panamanian flag “Sincerity Ace”.

This was after the ship was affected by a sinister offshore at 1,800 nautical miles from Oahu, Hawaii, with 16 crewmembers alive, while 5 are missing and 4 were found dead.

In this sense, the researcher appointed by the AMP is in contact with the operators of the ship to coordinate assistance to the ship and collect all possible information to find the probable causes of the fire on board. Likewise, it will proceed to carry out the necessary interviews to the crew that were rescued by the US Coast Guard. UU., In order to obtain more information.

It should be noted that the “Sincerity Ace” is a car carrier ship, 199 meters long, which was built in 2009, with capacity to transport 6,400 vehicles. The ship operated by Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) sailed from the port of Yokohama, Japan, and bound for Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rescue work

After the emergency occurred, at first the commercial ship Green Lake went to the rescue call arriving in the area to assess the situation and provide some assistance.

Investigator of General Directorate of Merchant Marine Investigates Car Carrier Fire "Sincerity Ace" 

For its part, the US Coast Guard. UU deployed the Hercules HC130 aircraft to support these tasks. The fire was reported by the captain of the ship, who would also have reported the attempts to control the fire and abandon the ship, according to information from the Coast Guard.

At the time of the accident, the AMP contacted the operators to request more information about this event, and immediately assigned an investigator to identify the causes of the incident and issue appropriate recommendations to prevent similar accidents in the future, according to the provisions of the Maritime Accident Investigation Code (Resolution MSC.255 (84)) and national legislation through Resolution 106-135-DGMM of the General Directorate of Merchant Marine.

According to information reported by the US Coast Guard After the incident, the survivors and the ship are being transported to Honolulu, Hawaii.


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