Alpha Zebra Herd Male Tries to Drown His Baby Calf and the Mother Comes Out in its Defense. [VIDEO]

The law of the strongest. A furious male tried to kill his own calf, drowning it in a river, but his mother came to his aid to save her. The viral video was shared on YouTube.

To be moved. Viral video shared on YouTube reveals the precise moment when a zebra, leader of a herd, tries to kill one of its offspring and when it is about to do so, the mother of the creature comes to the rescue. The images became a trend in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

Life for many babies born in the wild can be very hard, because they are vulnerable to any attack by a predator, not even elephants, which are the largest animals in Africa, are safe from this.

Surviving predators of other species is a great difficulty, but there is also another one that can be much worse: the attack of the alpha male of the herd.

Through YouTube we see countless videos of lions attacking the offspring of the herd, as well as other species of animals, but to see a zebra doing this is really unusual. They have rarely been recorded attacking babies.

In this viral YouTube video, filmed by a man, you can see how a zebra stepped on a smaller one, which was upside down, unable to breathe and swallowing the water from the river where it was.

After a few seconds, the calf manages to get out of the water and stand on its two legs, but the enraged male tries to hit him, that’s when the calf’s mother makes her appearance and tries to separate the male, who can’t stand it and attacks it.