Allegedly ‘Siren’ Was Captured on Miami Beaches, They Zoom In and Discover the Truth [PHOTOS]

Some images captured by Google Maps cameras have left thousands of users impressed, because they captured a ‘ siren ‘ in the United States . This fact has already gone viral .

An unusual event was shared on social networks that generated controversy in users, because the cameras of Google Maps captured on a beach in Miami, United States , a supposed ‘siren’resting on a dock, in the company of a girl. The photographs have gone viral in a matter of hours.

According to the author of the finding, he used Google Maps to tour Virginia Key , an exclusive area of ​​the city of Miami , in Florida,United States , when he suddenly realised that there was a very strange woman, so he decided to zoom in on the image

When approached, the author of the finding of Google Maps was a tremendous surprise, since the woman had no legs, instead seemed to have a large fin, so he quickly associated it with a mermaid, a mythological creature that does not exist .

In the images, which Google Maps cameras captured in October 2013, we can also see a little girl , who is next to the alleged siren that was caught by a Google worker who did not realise what he had photographed .

Although at first sight it may look like a mermaid , it is most likely that the woman is actually wearing a disguise on the lower part of her body and it was at the exact moment that the Google Maps cameras passed through that area.

Although the finding turned out to be false, there are still curious discoveries that Google Maps has made in different parts of the world and that have no explanation, because the images are extremely strange.

Siren in Miami