Algeciras Towed an Oil Drift in La Línea Spain

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Maritime Rescue helps the ‘Oryx Trader’ and Verdemar asks if there was any spill.

The oil tanker ‘Oryx Trader‘, with the flag of Panama, was towed Tuesday afternoon to the Port of Algeciras by Maritime Rescue, after being left adrift on the coast of La Línea.

Sources of Maritime Rescue have explained that the ship suffered a breakdown in the engines that caused it to drift two miles east of Gibraltar. Finally, it was anchored 0.8 miles from the coast.

From Salvamento Marítimo they mobilized the tug ‘María Zambrano’, as well as the ‘Salvamar Denébola’, which finally did not have to intervene.

The intervention of Maritime Rescue began around 3:00 pm, when it received the warning, and it was extended until 9:39 pm, when the ‘Oryx Trader’ was finally able to dock at the Isla Verde quay of the Port of Algeciras.

Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción has echoed the case and pointed out that the ship was left adrift and was rescued less than a mile from the Torrecarbonera tower.

According to the ecologists, had it not been helped by Maritime Rescue, it would have run aground on the beaches of La Línea.

Verdemar has asked the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras (APBA) and Maritime Captaincy a report of what happened and if there was an accident or spillage in the Alboran Sea that caused the incident.

Ecologists remember that “the area where the incident occurred is in one within the ZEC (Special Conservation Zone) Eastern Strait and therefore with important environmental values.”

This enclave, they recall, “is characterized, as a whole, by an important ornithological diversity due to its geographical location, since it acts as a resting and nesting place for migratory birds in their intercontinental trip. For this reason, the area has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) and Special Conservation Area (ZEC), entering the Natura 2000 Network. “

“In addition to being a site of community importance: Eastern Strait (ZEC) / Southern Waters of Gibraltar and Zones of special protection for birds (ZEPA). Corresponds to the waters surrounding the Rock of Gibraltar, “they add.

Algeciras Towed an Oil Drift in La Línea Spain

“But,” says Verdemar, “if the Algeciras Bay stands out, it’s because of the presence of cetaceans. Its waters harbor species present throughout the year and species passing through the strait, migratory species. “

The conservationist group points out that “during the whole year you can spot common dolphin and striped dolphin; occasionally bottlenose dolphin and rorqual common and sporadic orcas, sperm whale and common river pilot. Within the bay the percentage of observation of cetaceans is 95% “.

In addition to cetaceans, they indicate, in the bay of Algeciras “other animals can be observed, such as the loggerhead turtle or numerous birds in their migratory passage”.

Verdemar “does not want to think what would have happened if the drift would lead to a major accident, a spill, an accident with another vessel … This would seriously affect the traditional fishing sector and tourism in the area, in addition to the serious environmental and economic impact.”


Source: Andalucia Informacion