Ahoy, Pemex! Pirates Attack Their Platforms and Crime Rises 139% in 2017

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The theft to the offshore oil rigs reached 273 incidents in that year, despite the measures taken by the company to combat it.

The crimes against the 94 platforms used by Pemex for its exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Mexico increased by 139% in 2017, according to the latest figures from the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF).

“It was identified that in 2017 there were 273 criminal acts in 94 platforms, which were classified as material theft, vandalism, sabotage and intrusion, of which 2 were classified as serious, 49 moderate and 222 minors,” says the agency. third installment of the 2017 Public Account.

The damage to the facilities of the oil company consisted in the dismantling of boards, cables, hydrants, hose booths and fire cabinets, a lifeboat, temperature measurement equipment and damages to the switches that control the equipment not located in the own platform.

“In one case, the person responsible for the events in the KAB-A offshore platform was reported, consisting of the total removal of the heliport installed on said platform,” explains the ASF in its audit.

Ahoy, Pemex! Pirates Attack Their Platforms and Crime Rises 139% in 2017

The Audit criticized that Pemex does not have protocols to define when a crime is considered serious, moderate or minor, so it was left to the interpretation of the personnel that made the classification.

“One notices the lack of integral coordination between the involved areas for the attention of the criminal acts; the non-accreditation of the property of the damaged or stolen property (because there is no unitary value of the property), as well as the lack of expert evidence, the lack of a legal strategy and the lack of surveillance, patrolling and strategies of security, “the document says.

Pemex implemented a plan to improve safety on the high seas under its PEP Physical Security Project, which exercised 2,523 million pesos, but which did not prove effective in reducing attacks on the oil company’s infrastructure.


Source: ExpansionMX