Aggressive Shark Emerges From The Ocean Scaring The Crap Out Of A Couple Fishing Off Their Boat [VIDEO]

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A couple, who recorded this video, were terrified when they saw a huge white shark emerge from the ocean in search of food.

They lived the scariest experience. When they saw the huge white shark that emerged from the sea to attack the bag of bait that the couple who are Florida residents, placed on the side of their boat. When the giant creature appeared in search of food, a fact that terrified the witnesses, who were victims of the attack of the furious predator.

A bait of fish food was placed on the back of the boat, for this reason, the huge predator  attacked the boat that was carrying the fisherman and his girlfriend.

According to the details of the ship’s captain, Carter Bates was with his girlfriend Suzy Gumbo. Both were shocked to be a few inches away from the huge white shark that emerged from the sea. The shark was between 4.5 and 5 meters long.

Seeing the enormous size of the animal, the woman did not miss the moment and took out her phone to record it.


Source: La Republica