Aggressive Bull Shark Attacks Fishermen In Their Canoes Multiple Times On The Ocean (VIDEO)

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A group of fishermen recorded in a viral YouTube video the brutal attack they suffered from a shark that emerged from the sea to make them their prey.

No one imagined it. An afternoon of fruitful fishing for a group of men across the Pacific Ocean became the worst experience of their lives, as they managed to capture in a viral YouTube video the terrifying moment when a huge white shark attacked them mercilessly, while they were going aboard a ship.

While doing their fishing work in the maritime zone, the men never imagined that they would run into a face-to-face with a hungry shark , which emerged from the depths to ram them with its powerful body, whose force caused the ships in more than one opportunity lost their balance.

On the verge of death

At its best, the viral video of YouTube showed how the predator drew all his fury and lashed out at the fishermen’s boats, who feared losing their lives by being in danger of falling into the depths of the sea. The powerful blows of the school caused the ships with the men on board to scream in horror.

However, far from grabbing their things and shooting out of the sea, the fishermen stayed watching and experiencing the attack of the fierce animal . The viral video of YouTube became a trend, especially in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

After several minutes of the brutal attack , the fishermen almost slipped off the ships due to the blows that the huge shark had an impact on the means of transport. The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “UNILAD” page, which accumulated more than 1 million views, 2,000 shares and 3,000 comments.

“It is not a good idea to bring canoes to the Ocean. They are lucky that the shark has not given them a good beating ”,“ they have to get a bigger boat, since the sea is full of predators ”,“ the boat is small, but they are lucky ”, you can read in the social networks .

Watch the viral video from YouTube:


Source: La Republica