After Breaching 20 Feet in the Air He Almost Crashes Down on This Boat

This incredible footage shows the moment a humpback whale breaches out of the calm sea just a few feet away from an unsuspecting fisherman. Taken by photographer Douglas Croft and whale watcher Kate Cummings. After being very high up in the air, this whale nearly comes crashing down onto an innocent fisherman’s boat.

As breaching is often seen in rough seas it is possible that a breach allows the whale to breathe in air that is not close to the surface and full of spray, or that they use breaching to communicate when the noise of the ocean would mask acoustic signals.

In this video we can see that this humpback whale is little bit reckless in his approach to this breach. He may have not seen the fishing boat, but at least he just nearly misses it or else it could have gone south real quick! Imagine casually fishing one day and then you feel something huge coming up out of the water and it’s a giant humpback whale breaching just feet away from your boat.

Enjoy the video clip down below!

Source: Liveleak & Catersnews