After an Epic Two Hour Struggle They Finally Dragged Her Out of the Water (VIDEO)

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The Moment of the Capture of a huge shark weighing 250 kilograms and a length of more than two meters.

The shark was caught off the coast of Cornwall after two hours of an epic struggle.

A huge specimen of ‘Lamna nasus’, a relative of the white shark, was caught on Saturday off the coast of Cornwall in south-west England, reports CornwallLive .

The fish, a female weighing 250 kilos and two and a half meters in length, fought for almost two hours to avoid being captured by Ross Needs and Dan Hawkins, said Hawkins himself, who runs a boat fishing excursion company called Reel Deal Chartered.

The ‘Lamna nasus’ sharks are not known to be aggressive to humans. In fact, they feed mainly on mackerel and other small fish and can be found almost anywhere in the vast north Atlantic and throughout the southern hemisphere.

The immense shark was released after its capture.


Source: Actualidad RT