After 75 Years They Find A Submarine Lost During World War II [VIDEO]

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The American ship was sunk in 1944 with 80 crew on board the coast of Japan. It is considered the twentieth most memorable submarine of the contest.

It took 75 years for the families of the 80 sailors killed in combat to finally close this chapter. The Grayback, a submarine of the United States, fell to the bottom of the abyss during World War II and was found along the coast of Okinawa in Japan.

The mystery of this story began on January 28, 1944, when one of the most impressive US submarines of World War II, departed from Pearl Harbor to fight. In February of that year, the submarine reported that it managed to sink two enemy ships days before and was told to return to the base to reload torpedoes. But he never reached his destination.

End of March, the ship already had more than three weeks late and the authorities of the Navy of the United States joined the submarine on the list of missing and presumed lost.

Then in 1949 a story was published that tried to give approximations of where each submarine had disappeared , including the GrayBack . At that time it was thought that the submarine was in the open sea more than 160 kilometers east of Okinawa , in Japan.

The Navy of the United States , by mistake, was based on an erroneous interpretation of the records of war Japan , as they had a wrong place at the longitude and latitude of the location digit where the submarine was supposed to come after losing in the war. Unfortunately they were looking in the wrong place.

According to The New York Times , the mistake could not be identified until last year, until the amateur investigator, Yutaka Iwasaki , was examining the war records of the Japanese Imperial Navy base in Sasebo and found the error.

After 75 Years They Find A Submarine Lost During World War II1

This work caught the attention of Tim Taylor , an experienced underwater explorer who aims to find all American ships lost in the war. Thanks to his team he was able to find the USSS R-12 , in Key West, Florida . This ship sank in a training exercise in 1943.


Source: La Republica