After 15 Months They Find Strange Gadget Underwater And Are Surprised By What It Can Still Do (VIDEO)

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The Apple device was in a waterproof case and was delivered to its owner, who had lost it more than a year ago during an excursion with her family.

An American diver found a phone that, despite having remained at the bottom of a South Carolina river for 15 months, was still working . The author of the finding managed to locate the owner of the device and hand it over.

Michael Bennett is dedicated to underwater diving in search of ‘treasures’ for his YouTube channel, Nuggetnoggin, and usually all he finds are golf balls and small metal objects. However, during his most recent expedition on the Edisto River he achieved an unusual finding: an iPhone, with a rechargeable housing, inside a waterproof case 3 meters below the surface .

When the young man returned home he was surprised that the device was still on, but he needed a password to access the information, for which he transferred the SIM card to another phone and could contact the owner.

The iPhone belonged to Erica Bennett, who lost it in June 2018, when he had gone to the river with his family during an excursion. Although already had a new phone, the woman said that the discovery of the young is very valuable, because inside the device and text messages were photographs of his late father , who believed already lost.

The woman thanked the ‘youtuber’ and said she immediately transferred all the data to her new phone. In addition, he indicated that the battery case also works.


Source: ActualidadRT