A Woman, Just Married Almost Dies When Prank Goes Wrong After She Jumps Out of her Celebration Yacht

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A video that went viral was shared, which shows a newly married woman who almost drowned when jumping from a yacht that terrified the guests at her wedding .

The video shocked thousands of users, the reason was that a newly married woman almost lost her life when she launched herself from a yacht, where her wedding party was being held .

The image quickly became viral and were uploaded on Facebook’s social network and show the wife, who wanted to celebrate in grand style with her partner, as well as her guests who attended her ceremony .

As one of the guests at the newlyweds party recorded, It is shown that the bride decided to perform the challenge of jumping herself into the sea and placed herself on the edge of the yacht.

The husband of the bride had already launched into the sea and swam a little to be placed in front of her, while her friends encouraged her to pass on the challenge, also helped her with her wedding dress.

At the count of three, the new bride threw herself into the sea; however, minutes later a terrible accident occurred that almost ended in tragedy caused by her dress, which alarmed her family and friends.

Watch the viral video here:

The new wife could not get out of the water because her dress covered her head and she was about to drown. It was then that she received help from her friends, who did not hesitate to to try and save her.

Fortunately, her husband and friends were able to save her in time as she could not breathe because her dress prevented her. 



Source: La Republica