A THOUSAND Sea Lions ONE Diver

On February 20, 2016 in Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada, a scuba diver was just a few meters from his team’s boat and ended up capturing something extraordinary. It turns out, during the winter months, thousands of sea lions gather at Norris Rock for the herring spawn.

Diver in the video states, “Some of these Sea Lions have the same size heads as grizzly bears. They appear to be aggressive but in fact, they are quite gentle.” Even thought there are literally thousands of sea lions in the area and only one diver, they aren’t aggressive and don’t want to harm the diver.

You can even see in the video, the sea lions are playing around and sort of biting the diver’s head but not in a way where they actually rip his suit or hurt his head. It was more of a playful and gentle fashion. An amazing moment to capture on camera.

It is not every day you get to kick back with hundreds to even thousands of sea lions!

Source: ViralHog