A Terrifying Encounter Becomes A Beautiful Moment (VIDEO)

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Celine Chasteen and her friend recorded the unprecedented scene when they performed stand up paddle boarding on the beach of Jupiter, Florida (United States). 

Two young people who did stand up paddle, a sport that consists of standing on a longboard and push yourself with the help of an oar, never imagined that their close encounter with a friendly creature of the sea would become a viral video.

Celine Chasteen and her friend enjoyed a quiet stroll along the beaches of the town of Jupiter, Florida, when they came across a manatee -which are known as the “cows of the sea” because of their size and stature- who decided to join them.

The girls adored the attention given to them by the aquatic mammal and continued rowing, avoiding at all times touching or bothering it as they are currently considered a protected species.

The actions of the girls were praised by the Commission for the Conservation of Marine Life and Wildlife of Florida, who enjoyed the company of the animals without touching or disturbing them.

Fortunately, the friend of Celine Chasteen managed to capture the unusual encounter on video, in which the two are observed laughing with emotion but controlling each other so as not to interact too much with them.


Source: Trome