A Terrifying Crocodile Tried to Devour a Boar Drinking Water and the Result Was Surprising [VIDEO]

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The shocking moment when a thirsty boar arrives at the edge of a lake to drink water, but did not imagine that a huge predator was watching under water. The intense moment of these two animals has left everyone surprised.

A tourist travelling through the jungle of Africa recorded the viral video where appeared a thirsty boar walking straight into a lake of crocodiles. Apparently the defenseless animal did not realize that it was inside a dangerous area.

The video made by the tourist shows the moment in which the boar was hydrating at the edge of the water, suddenly a stealthy crocodile calculated the moment to attack its ‘prey’; however, the quick reaction of the mammal allowed him to save his life.

Here we share a viral image in which the predator attacked the boar, who had mistakenly entered the dangerous sanctuary of the creatures .

“I was filming the animals of the jungle, when I suddenly realized that a thirsty boar was entering a lake of crocodiles, I never stopped recording the beauty of nature,” wrote the author of the viral video that was shared on YouTube and other social networks.

The wild boar when encountering the fearsome crocodile reaction quickly and backed up to flee from the place, luckily the animal was not attacked by the hungry creature.

“He was saved by miracle”, “Luckily the predator did not calculate his movements well”, “This is the cycle of life, to survive the crocodiles have to devour the animals of Africa “.


Source: La Republica