A Surfer, Rescuer and Jet Ski Get Annihilated by Killer Waves. Will They Escape Ultimate Death? Watch the Heart Pounding Video

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Incredible rescue of a Portuguese surfer caught between giant waves.

Salvador Villas Boas, 51, faced a strong wave in the waters of Nazaré, in Portugal.

A video has shown the successful rescue of a surfer who had been trapped by a violent series of waves on a beach in Nazaré, Portugal.

This event took place, when Salvador Villas Boas, 51, was challenging the huge waves of Praia do Norte, about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon. The images capture the moment in which the surfer falls from his board on one of the most dangerous areas of the beach, near the rocks and the impact zone, facing a series of waves.

Faced with this situation, the professional rescuer Ramon Laureano comes to the scene with his jet ski and reaches Villas Boas. However, the waves hit both of them and overturned them to the sea, being again prisoners of the waves. After several seconds underwater, the rescued and rescuer had to swim to get to the shore.

According to Pedro Miranda, author of the video, none of the men of this dangerous incident were injured.

The waves that occur in the Nazaré area are the highest in the country. Therefore, this is one of the best spots in Europe to practice surfing.


Source: ActualidadRT