A Stop For Rest And Water Almost Cost Her Life To End In The Most Horrible Way (VIDEO)

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A video shared on Facebook shows the moment in which a voracious crocodile emerges from the depths of a river to attack the trunk of a elephant.

A tourist ended up terrified after recording a video and then shared on Facebook The filming shows the moment when a huge crocodile emerged from an African river to bite the trunk of an elephant that drank water next to his pack. The huge animals distraction was taken advantage of by the predator who tried to hunt him. The clip became a trend in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The viral recording on Facebook showed the moment when a family of elephants rested and drank water from a mighty river, without imagining that a huge crocodile had been stalking them from the depths and that they would be brutally attacked.

The elephant never imagined that his boldness to drink water in a river infested with crocodiles would cost them dearly, since he was savagely bitten on his trunk by a fierce reptile, who took the opportunity to sneak up and turn him into his prey.

The viral video on Facebook recorded the terrible experience that a young elephant lived that calmly drank water from a river; however, after immersing his trunk in the water, the elephant did not realize that a gigantic crocodile was going to emerge from the water and try to drag it into the lake.

With great caution and without making any movement in the river, the huge crocodile approached the elephant, opened its blunt jaw and caught it by the trunk, however, the terrifying attack was tainted by the abrupt reaction of the mammal, which with all his forces could get rid of his predator and emerged victorious.

After several minutes of terror on Facebook, the frightened elephant managed to free his trunk from the jaws of the crocodile, snorted with all his might and rushed out of the dangerous river to avoid further attacks by other crocodiles, since he was in forbidden territory and especially hostile.


Here we leave you with the original video shared on Facebook and YouTube…


Source: La Republica