A Spanish Ship Has Been Stranded In Northern Scotland For Three Days (Rescue VIDEO)

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The “Coelleira” crew, based in Celeiro, was evacuated by helicopter.

The Coelleira , a British-flagged ship but Galician capital, has been stranded since last Saturday on an island in northern Scotland . The crew of this ship based in Celeiro, made up of 15 people, was rescued and safe thanks to the intervention of a helicopter. At the moment it is impossible to rescue the ship from its current situation.

According to reports from the Shetland Coast Guard, the crew warned around half past one in the morning that they had run aground in an area called Ve Skerries , off the coast of Papa Stour (north of the country).

The next morning, Sunday, a boat returned to the ship with the skipper and the person in charge of machines to check if it floated with the rise of the tide and if it could go sailing, but it could only be verified that it was still aground.

“The owners and insurers of the ship have been asked to designate a savior and the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency [ MCA ] is waiting for notification of who will carry out the task and the proposed rescue plan,” he explained in his MCA spokesman moment .

Apparently, no tugboat can free the ship from the rocks so far, although the Italian ship Levoli Black is in the area awaiting orders.


Source: La Opinion Coruna