A Shark Attacked a 17 Year Old Girl and Tore Her Leg Off in a North Carolina’s Beach.

The teenager survived thanks to her father, who was swimming with her in the sea and hit the shark more than five times until she released her daughter.

In North Carolina, a shark attacked a 17-year-old girl who bathed on the beach at Fort Macon State Park in Carteret County on Sunday. Paige Winter lost one of her legs at knee height , some fingers of the hands and suffered important injuries in the pelvis. She managed to survive thanks to her father, who was with her, and who hit the shark more than five times to free her.

“Thank God that our son was with her.” He hit the shark five times in the face until he let go, “I wish we had been with them,” Paige’s grandmother, Janet Winter, wrote on Facebook. Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the place at 12:19 hours, after receiving the emergency call. The teenager was immediately transported by helicopter to the Carteret Health Care hospital , about 130 kilometers north of the beach, in the city of Morehead.

“Her family wants to express her appreciation to the lifeguards who took care of her, to the people who were on the beach and who helped her, and to her heroic father who saved her life,” Vidavist Medical Center of Greenville said in a statement. after indicating that the young woman is “in good condition and receiving excellent care”.

A Shark Attacked a 17 Year Old Girl and Tore Her Leg Off in a North Carolina's Beach.

The teenager’s mother, Marcy Winter, also shared an update on the social network late on Sunday: “Paige has already left the surgery and is awake , still quite groggy but already making jokes. sharks still look good, “he wrote.

In this regard, the hospital also stressed Paige’s sentiment: “Despite her unfortunate incident, she is an unwavering defender of marine life and the animals that live in the water,” he said. “He wants people to continue to respect sharks in their habitat and not hurt them,” the center added.

Despite the good intentions of the young woman, for some people like Chad Morgan, who runs Reel Faith Fishing Charters – which takes tourists and fishing adventurers -, sharks have become a big problem in the area.

Precisely in the states of North and South Carolina, a team of scientists from the organization OCEARCH alerted in mid-May of the presence of six huge white sharks on the coasts. Among them was Luna, a female with 4.5 meters long and 1,000 kilos of weight is the largest specimen that the group has monitored.

They also besieged the coast of the Carolinas Jane, Caroline and Katherine . Despite the high presence of this species, experts said that bathers had nothing to fear, because the animals were far from the beaches. With the attack of Page Winter there are already 16 counted in the US since it began in 2019. Most of them in Florida.

A week ago, a 65-year-old American tourist died in Hawaii after a shark ripped his leg off.