A Seagull Snatches A Live Baby Shark Out Of The Ocean You Will Not Believe What Happens Next (Video Contains Sensitive Images)

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A couple walking along a beach on the Atlantic coast of the USA witnessed the crazy scene.

A couple recorded a peculiar moment while enjoying their stay on a beach in Ocean City, in New Jersey (USA), where they saw a seagull that was eating a live baby shark.

The woman who recorded the video indicated that there is always enough food for the birds on the beach, however this seagull decided to fish for the shark. In the images you can see the bird on the shore fighting with the small shark, which resists being swallowed.

The lady also said that her husband wanted to save the shark but finally gave up, since what was happening was a natural process. Finally, the seagull manages to swallow its entire prey seconds before other birds begin to arrive through the loot.



Source: ActualidadRT