A Most Unconventional Primitive Way Of Catching Strange Creatures From Hidden Water Holes (VIDEO)

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The viral YouTube video recorded the moment when a fisherman caught strange fish hiding inside a mysterious water hole.

Great sensation in thousands of YouTube users is what has generated a viral video that shows the precise moment in which a fisherman set a trap to catch strange fish from a waterhole in Thailand. The protagonist of the popular clip threw pieces of bait into the pond, without imagining that dozens of vertebrates would emerge from the inside.

This viral video has been shared by the Fishing BD account of YouTube, where more than 3,000 users from Thailand, Canada Unites States and Mexico and other countries were able to appreciate the scenes of ‘terror’, as has been rated by cyberspace.

What happened? As you can see in the YouTube video, a young fisherman resident of Thailand, entered a desolate well, where he dipped a bait full of bait to attract different creatures from the water.

Then a few seconds, dozens of ‘ mysterious fish ‘ left the inside of the water hole to catch the bait. Immediately, the protagonist of the YouTube viral video extracted the animals from the river to place them inside a container.

It should be noted that this artisanal fishing has caused great impact on YouTube users. Various videos showing the catch of strange creatures have been disseminated through the Fishing BD channel. Likewise, lethal creatures of water.

If you want to see the capture of the strange fish that appear in the viral video on YouTube.

Watch here the viral YouTube video:


Source: La Republica

  1. Is this still relevant for today? Or have things changed? What I’m curious about is how this will carry out, like what will the trend be for this type of stuff?

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