A Most Peculiar Site When A Villager Removes Mud Blocks And Finds Them Alive [This VIDEO may be offensive]

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The man in this viral YouTube video made an impression by showing hundreds of  mysterious creatures emerging from under tiles of dried mud.

Thousands were shocked to see the creatures of a recent discovery. In the images you can see how a fisherman drags his hands through the mud to extract hundreds of strange ‘dying’ creatures. According to the details of the publication in the aforementioned social network, the villager carried out a ‘secret fishing’ technique.

The man who appears to have found fish ‘dying’, as described after seeing visual that lasts a little more than ten minutes. Hundreds of vertebrate animals appeared in the mud left by the natural disaster in Thailand.

The protagonist of the viral video removed several blocks of mud, put his hands in and managed to remove hundreds of catfish covered in wet thick mud.

It is possible to see how the fisherman cleaned the animals that were covered in mud, seconds later the man placed the catfish in his basket. The people who were nearby looked at the impressive finding that the Thai man made.

Viewers of the video did not hesitate to share comments, in which they said: “What horror creatures of the River”, “For a moment I thought those fish were dead, but seemed to be ‘zombies'”, ” They are dying fish. ”

Here we share the viral video on  YouTube for 10 minutes so you can watch these ‘dying’ fish coming out of the mud.


Source: La Republica