A ‘Monstrous’ Ice Tsunami Marks The Arrival Of Summer In The Far North Of Russia (VIDEO)

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Huge blocks of ice slid inland after the rupture of the frozen layer of the Yenisei River.

The neighbours of the Russian town of Dudinka, in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, recently witnessed the breaking of the frozen layer of the Yenisei River and shared several recordings of the natural spectacle on the Web, reports The Siberian Times.

The images show how some locals, standing a few meters away, recede as the river  projects huge blocks of ice towards its banks.

The local Emergency Ministry indicated that this ice tsunami marks the initial stage of the thaw – a seasonal phenomenon that occurs every year – and that the surface of the Yenisei will be cleared within about a week of that time.

For their part, the inhabitants of Dudinka celebrated the event. “Hurray, the ice is breaking and the river is flowing again, which means that summer is finally here,” a local woman wrote.

“Congratulations, people from the north, your wait has been long enough, summer is finally on the way, ” added another user.

Also, there were those who were impressed by the strength and magnitude of the natural phenomenon. “It is so powerful and terrifying to see, I could not help but expect some kind of monster to crawl towards the shore,” reads one of the comments.



Source: ActualidadRT