A Mistake He Couldn’t Afford to Make Sends Him Falling off Cliff into Rocky River

This footage shows a bear attempting to climb the side of a cliff but making a slight mistake which sends him flying straight down the side of the mountain into the river. We hope that he made it out alive, but this drop was pretty wild due to the fact that he hit a couple peaks on his way down.

Why was the bear even trying to climb this cliff in the first place? We really have no idea. But this scenario made for a wild video clip and shocking to say the least. One second hes calmly climbing and the next he’s falling straight to the bottom.

Grizzly bears are known for being really strong and durable so hopefully this guy made it out with just a few cuts and scrapes. Landing in the water definitely cushioned the landing for him, but those few hits on the way down for sure did some damage.

We hope the bear is alright and that he was able to make it out alive. If you’d like to see what happened, click the video down below.

Source: Liveleak