A Man Saves a Seagull From The Tentacles of an Octopus (VIDEO)

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If the person did not intervene, surely the bird would have run another luck.

An octopus intended to drown a seagull in the sea of ​​the south bay of Thomson, near Rottnest Island, in Australia. However, a man managed to stop the ‘fight’, separating the animals by  releasing the bird from the tentacles of the mollusk, a local media reported on Friday  .

According to the report, Stuart Love was returning to the coast of the island when he heard a splash in the water and was surprised to see that a seagull was attacked by an octopus. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he said later.

Love detached the octopus and told that if he did not intervene, surely the luck of the gull would have been different.

This is not the first time that an attack of this type is recorded and disseminated on social networks. In 2015, two birds were caught while being attacked by an octopus in New South Wales (Australia). On that occasion, the marine animal was victorious.


Source: Actualidad RT