A Man and His Dog Were Going to Die Frozen In Lake Michigan, Then ‘Angels’ Arrive to Save Them [VIDEO]

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A man and his dog are rescued from Lake Michigan, in the United States.

The moving moment in which a man and his dog, who had been trapped in a frozen lake in the United States, are rescued by some ‘angels’. 

The low temperatures in the United States have caused several lakes to be frozen and several accidents have already occurred. One of those happened a few days ago, when a man walking with his dog, that he recently adopted, they both got trapped on the lake, after trying to rescue the dog from the water.

“I saw him disappear over the ridge.” I ran up and looked down six feet to see him paddle in icy water. He is a 19-pound dog and I knew he would soon die of cold or drowning. I jumped after him, I was in up to my waist and I lifted it over my shoulder, “said the man.

Unable to escape from the cold place, he asked for help so they can save him and his pet, which could not leave either. A few minutes later, several policemen arrived at the scene and with a rope, they managed to get the dog and the his owner out of Lake Michigan, one of the largest lakes in that country.

In an extensive letter, the rescued man, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed his gratitude to the officers who saved him and assured him that he and his dog, Pika, were taken by ambulance to a hospital. He also thanked a passer-by who alerted the police .

“The rescuers treated me and my dog ​​in the ambulance and in the emergency room, they allowed Pika to stay with me under the thermal blanket,” the man said in his letter.

Those who saw the rescue, were moved by the spectacular work done by the police.


Source: La Republica