A Mama ‘Ghost’ Bear Does Not Back Down From A Huge Male Black Bear In A Fight For Salmon In A Canadian River  [VIDEO Do Not Mess With Mama’s]


A  ‘ghost’ bear tries to wrestle the territory away from a huge bear to feed on a Canadian river.

The awesome moment in which a furious mother bear faces a brutal fight against a huge male bear to avoid starvation. 

Space and food for animals are increasingly being reduced due to global warming and overpopulation, which is why a mother bear had to face a huge male bear to invade its territory and survive.

In the video shows how the ‘ghost’ bear sees a huge black bear feeding on a river. With a lot of precaution, she reaches the river and starts looking for some fish to eat.

The huge animal does not take his eyes off her, however, the female continues in her search as she growls at the gigantic bear to leave.

At one point, the black bear manages to catch a fish, which escapes from his mouth, which is taken advantage of by the ‘ghost’ bear that tries to catch it and gets very close to the male.

After several minutes, the bear does not allow the animal to stay with her and rushes against him to intimidate him, an objective that is achieved, since the black bear gives up in the fight and leaves the place, leaving his territory to the mother bear.

It should be noted that these white bears are called ‘ghosts’ because of their white fur. Also, the female bear of the video, is followed by Canadian filmmaker Jeff Turner, while filming how their behaviour is with their offspring for a year.


Source: La Republica