A Hungry Polar Bear Seizes A Russian Submarine

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The protagonists of this story are polar bears and a submarine class Delfin (Delta-IV, for NATO).

Originally, the story was published by Express and then appeared in the Daily Mail. The author of the Express article, Marco Giannangeli, claims that the Russian submarine was patrolling north of the Norwegian islands of Svalbard and Jan Mayen when it emerged through an ice thick to throw garbage bags.

The British media worried about a supposed Russian ship in the Arctic and accompanied his story with high-resolution photos.

“His crew had no idea that they had been discovered by a polar bear that made its way to the deck of the submarine’s shell while searching for more trash bags, the 120 sailors on the ship were ordered to remain under the deck”, writes Giannangeli, without citing his sources. Where he got the secret information about the crew of a Russian military ship and their conversations, remains unknown.

A Hungry Polar Bear Seizes A Russian Submarine

This and other details of the story that thanks to the British media obtained a political touch made readers doubt its veracity. For example, this is what writes the Irish journalist Céimin Burke.. “This article, the Daily Mail today is about an incident that occurred ‘at least’ nine years ago just act like new Whatever, it is a Sunday”.

Since the Russian Defense still has not commented on the controversial British photos, Sputnik has only managed to find evidence that the story told by Giannangeli is nothing unique. This is the 2009 video, while the main photo of our article shows an incident with the American submarine in Honolulu.

Surely in 2003 the British media did not accuse the US Fleet of dirtying the planet for this reason.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News