A Humpback Whale Was Found Dead in the Middle of the Jungle [VIDEO]

humpback whale 11 meters long was found dead in the jungle , far from its natural habitat .

Last Friday 22, a humpback whale was found dead in the middle of the undergrowth of the forest of Pará , a Brazilian municipality located on the island of Marajó , at the mouth of the Amazon River .

It was reportedly a humpbackor gubarte , also called a humpback whale, approximately 11 meters long and 6 meters wide, whose natural habitat would be the saltwater ocean.

As a result, the Municipal Secretariat of Health, Sanitation and Environment [Semma] has been carrying out an investigation to determine why the marine animal was far from its natural habitat and in the winter season.

Biologists from the NGO Bicho D’agua were also present at the site, who pointed out that at first sight the immense animal had no visible wounds, so an autopsy is required to determine the cause of death.

Humpback whales are fed seasonally, it is possible that not finding food will migrate to the beach and swallowing large amounts of water will suffocate with plastics , being later his body pushed by the waves of the sea into the jungle.


  1. He may have exactly been choking on plastic refuse,& in a last ditch panic,swam towards land,so humans could try to save his life! Maybe he’d already had positive contact with humans,in the past,thinking they might help (again?),but he may have, very hurriedly,been at death’s door in a matter of minutes,stuffed to & through the gills, with plastic. This WILL REPEAT,SO WE NEED TO GET A CLEANUP CREW OUT THERE!!!!! God bless him!?❤️

  2. Attempted evolution to escape the sea?

  3. You are literally the only site presupposing that this whale at plastic when an autopsy of it’s stomach hasn’t been done. Not even the daily mail (a hilariously charged and exaggerating news source) is suggesting that. Pretty much every one else is suggesting it was separated from its family and stranded in shallow water until it died and a secondary storm washed it in.

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