A Historic Sailing Ship Sinks After Colliding With A Freighter In Germany (VIDEO)

The 136-year-old vessel was the only remaining one from Hamburg’s shipbuilding era, and it had just come out of a restoration that cost $ 1.7 million.

A historic sailing ship collided this Saturday with a freighter near Hamburg (Germany). The wooden boat, called ‘No.5 Elbe’, was  built in 1883 and had just come out of a restoration process that cost more than 1.5 million euros (1.7 million dollars), local media reported.

The vessel was carrying  43 passengers and all were quickly rescued thanks to the timely reaction of the coastguards, who were attending a minor accident, near the point of collision. However, at least five people were injured, one of them seriously.

The collision occurred on the Elbe river, against the ship ‘Astrosprinter’, 141 meters long. The latter rammed the sailboat, causing a large hole in the hull and demolishing one of its masts. Immediately,  the historic vessel sank in shallow water .

According to the rescuers, the ‘No.5 Elbe’ accident could have been fatal if the emergency units had not been in the area. In addition, the boat transported a ton of fuel, so barriers were installed around the shipwreck to prevent a spill.

A boat of 136 years

The historic 37-meter sailboat was the only remaining one  of Hamburg’s shipbuilding era . Recently, he spent eight months in a Danish shipyard to be restored, and at the end of May he returned to Germany.

It was built 136 years ago in the European country, and in 1920 it was out of service. Later, the vessel was sold to the Warwick Tompkins navigator in the USA, and in 2002, the Hamburg Maritime Foundation bought the ship from an antiquarian for 800,000 euros ( $ 900,000 ) to take it back to its original site.


Source: ActualidadRT