A Group of Immigrants Hijacks a Merchant Ship by Refusing to be Taken to Libya

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Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says: “They are not shipwrecked, but pirates; in Italy they will never enter.

A new emergency is opened to the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, on the immigration front. The leader of the League has reported that the crew of a Turkish-owned merchant ship that was taking some immigrants to Libya that it had rescued in the Mediterranean, has been forced to change its route and head towards Malta. In the opinion of Minister Salvini it would be an act of piracy, of a merchant kidnapping in which there are 108 people, who “will never see Italy.” “It would be the first act of piracy on the high seas,” Salvini added, “with immigrants who have hijacked the merchant ship that had reached up to 6 miles off the Libyan coast.

We know that Italy will see it with the telescope, “said the vice president and interior minister. The news of the change of route and hijacking of the merchant ship has also been confirmed by the Maltese authorities, who would have deployed some military ships. According to the Maltese aeronautics, attempts to contact the merchant commander – it would be a tanker – have been unsuccessful. The Elhiblu1, name of the ship, is Turkish property, but the flag is from Palau, a state of Oceania.

The NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has made it known, for its part, that it is following the case and has asked that the immigrants not be taken back to Libya, where practically the refugees are subjected to inhumane conditions. The dramatic situation that migrants live in that country, subjected to endless torture, is known, which has been repeatedly denounced by the United Nations and humanitarian organizations.

A Group of Immigrants Hijacks a Merchant Ship by Refusing to be Taken to Libya

The situation of the merchant is confusing. It was commented that it could be heading towards Malta or the Italian island of Lampedusa. But before this last eventuality, Matteo Salvini has commented: “They are not shipwrecked, but pirates. In Italy they will never enter.


Source: ABC