A Group of Cuban Rafters Trying to Get to Mexico Disappears at Sea

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A group of at least eight people disappeared when they threw themselves into the sea from the southern coast of the Mayabeque province to Mexico, relatives told CubaNet .

Five of the rafters that were part of the group reside in the municipalities of San José de las Lajas, Batabanó and Quivicán and were identified as Yordan Rodríguez Almaguer, 21 years old; Jorge Enríquez Díaz, 22 years old; Joan Chacón Téllez, 22 years old; Yoelvis Áreas Matos, 24 years old and Bárbaro Carrillo Pagán, 26 years old.

According to the testimony of the relatives, there were about 12 people on the homemade boat, although only 8 are confirmed so far.

Julio Rodríguez Cuesta, uncle of Yordan Rodríguez Almaguer, said to the aforementioned newspaper: “That night he passed by the house at 9 o’clock to say goodbye, and he assured us that the boat was ‘full-fledged’ -good conditions-, that in two or three days he would call us to give us news from Mexico, but he has not been reported yet. “

On the other hand, Amanda Enríquez Díaz, sister of Jorge Enríquez Díaz, said that “the group of rafters carried a good sum of money to face the journey towards the Mexican border with the US, so, in addition to the possibility of a shipwreck, it is not ruled out that they may have suffered an assault. “

Clara Ramos Téllez, grandmother of Joan Chacón Téllez, already lost one of her children in 1998 drowned in the Straits of Florida: “We advise you not to ‘pull’, to always remember what happened to your uncle, But today’s youth prefer to risk their lives at sea rather than having to live in the misery that exists in Cuba. “

The relatives also stated that the objective of the youth was to arrive in Mexico and join the caravan of Central American migrants who travel the country to reach the border with the United States.

A Group of Cuban Rafters Trying to Get to Mexico Disappears at Sea

Despite the dismantling of the Dry Feet / Wet Feet policy, there are many Cubans who continue to risk reaching the United States through the sea.

At the end of last year, the United States Coast Guard repatriated 27 Cuban rafters intercepted 29 miles from Cuba.

Also, a rustic boat carrying 11 Cuban migrants was intercepted by the authorities of the Cayman Islands last October, after spending about a week at sea .


Source: CiberCuba