A Grandmother Must be Rescued As She Drifts Off Shore On a Piece of Ice

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As she explored Iceland with her adult son, a Texas grandmother was frightened after the tip of the failed iceberg on which she stood for a photo was swept away by the waves.

She is the shipwrecked grandmother who reported the incident to Now Guide To Iceland , an Icelandic news site.

“My family has always loved travelling. It does not surprise me that they chose Iceland. “

After seeing several people sit on a piece of stranded ice that resembled a throne, the elderly lady had the taste to imitate them.

A Grandmother Must be Rescued As She Drifts Off On a Piece of Ice

Unfortunately for the grandmother, shortly thereafter, she found herself drifting on her icy ship because of a powerful wave that would have dislodged the icy structure. She immediately started to go offshore.

By chance, an American who had worked for the US Coast Guard was nearby and quickly jumped into the water to get the tip of the iceberg before it went too far.

The mother and son were scared, but fortunately no one was hurt and the duo could enjoy the rest of their vacation.


Source: Journal de Montreal