A Girl And A Love Letter That Survived The Titanic

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Kate Buss was a high class girl who was in love with a certain Percy Jones, who wrote a letter a few hours before the most famous ship sank in the ocean.

The history of the famous Titanic once again emerges to the surface of today. The auction house Henry Aldridge & Son has just released a strange love letter written aboard the sinister ship by second-class passenger and survivor Kate Buss on April 10, 1912, after she left her home in Southampton, In England. The letter details what life was like during the last days on board.

“It’s an excellent letter and it’s been in the family’s possession since Ms. Buss took it with her on the Titanic,” explains Andrey Aldridge , auctioneer of Henry Aldrigde & Son to ‘Fox News’. This letter, with four faces engraved in black ink, was addressed to one Percy James.

The Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean just five days after starting its voyage

The letter sheds many clues about what life was like back then for a high-class girl like Kate Buss: “I’ve found myself pretty well, but now I’m a little tired and ready to go to bed,” the letter reads. . “I have to go, the tea before dinner is in half an hour.” It also throws a new perspective on life aboard the Titanic, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of April 15, 1912, just five days after it began its journey . By way of dismal memory, a total of 1,503 people perished in the accident caused by the collision with an iceberg, of the 2,224 passengers who left from Southampton to enter the vast ocean and never return.

“Mr. Peters spent about an hour on the ship,” he says in the letter sent by Buss. “The second class compartments are really magnificent , and if you see them for the first time before the others you would think they are the same as the first class ones”. The lady writes that they had not yet arrived in Cherbourg, France , the first stop of the trip. “I’d better try to get a few postcards from the ship,” he wrote.

It also included that the passenger with whom he shared the cabin had not yet appeared and that two clerics who sat in front of her in the dining room advised him to have a good lunch. In the email to ‘Fox News’, Aldridge said the clergymen could have been the priest Byles, the Reverend Harper or the Reverend Robert Bateman , since “they were all second-class passengers, so it’s possible that she was sitting with one of them. “

Father Byles died on the Titanic and wanted to stay on the ship when the shipwreck took place to hear the last confessions or give absolution to believers when waiting for the inevitable end. In the case of the reverends Harper and Bateman, they were not much luckier and the two perished in the frozen water, frozen, once the ship sank.

A Girl And A Love Letter That Survived The Titanic

Buss concludes in the letter that he was not in good health and that in case of illness, he would place the letter in the mail room to be sent by her. “I should clean and take a shower right now,” he wrote. “PW brought a box of chocolates, give a greeting to everyone who asks about me, I must leave, with much love, Kate.”

A Girl And A Love Letter That Survived The Titanic

The sender was saved in the last lifeboat, number 9, and was present at the rescue of Carpanthia. Due to his fear of heights , he was the last person to board the boat, Aldridge added. The letter is priced between 28,341 and 35,426 dollars (between 22,895 and approximately 28,619 euros). Buss died on July 12, 1972 at the age of 96 years.


Source: El Confidencial