A Gastro Epidemic Aboard One of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World

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A cruise ship that can carry more than 6,000 passengers, the Royal Caribbean company, will return Saturday in Florida a day earlier than expected, after more than 200 travelers have seen their vacation spoiled by gastroenteritis.

The news is relayed Thursday by many American media. The ship, the “Oasis of the Seas”, left Port Canaveral on Sunday for a one-week cruise, taking tourists to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico. The trip will eventually be shortened.

In total, 277 passengers, customers or crew members, have developed gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea) confirms the cruise company. This outbreak may be due to the spread of a norovirus, a common cause of acute viral gastroenteritis. The Royal Caribbean spokesman said that all passengers will be fully reimbursed for their trip.

“We think the best thing to do is get everyone home earlier, rather than having clients worry about their health,” Torres said. According to CNN, the company will now try to determine, via laboratory analysis, whether it is a norovirus that is involved. It will then be necessary to completely disinfect the boat. It includes no less than 25 restaurants, climbing walls, four pools, among others.

A Gastro Epidemic Aboard One of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World

The Oasis of the Seas is one of the world’s largest cruise ships.

Outbreaks of gastrointestinal problems aboard cruise ships are not extremely rare. In the United States, a program of authorities records the appearance of such events aboard international cruises through an American port. In 2018, 11 cases were reported, where at least 3% of passengers showed symptoms of gastrointestinal illness. For some epidemics, the cause remained a mystery, but five of them were related to norovirus.


Source: La Libre