A Father Accused Of Drowning His Two Autistic Children For The Insurance Money (Heartbreaking VIDEO)

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According to the authorities, the objective of the Egyptian Ali Elmezayen was to collect the money for the insurance policy of his children of 13 and 8 years

The Angels. An Egyptian who resides in California, United States, was charged on Wednesday for the murder of his two severely autistic children in 2015, whom he allegedly drowned while driving his car down a pier to the ocean.

The objective of Ali Elmezayen, according to the authorities, was to collect the money for the insurance policy of his children of 13 and 8 years, who were with their safety belts in the backseat of a Honda sedan, which fell to the bottom of the sea from the pier of San Pedro, south of Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old man was also accused of trying to kill his wife Raba Diab, who was saved after a fisherman threw a lifesaver on her, while the accused swam to port.

The older son of the couple, who suffered from a milder form of autism, was in a camp at the time of the tragedy.

Elmezayen , who was arrested in November and is being held without bail, also faces federal charges for insurance fraud in connection with the accident.

He told investigators that he did not know why he had fallen off the dock and that he could have mistakenly squeezed the accelerator instead of the brake or he could have had a “bad inside me that pushed me to go”.

The Egyptian citizen raised more than $ 260,000 from two insurers, although he told investigators that his children did not have life insurance.

Authorities said Elmezayen transferred most of the money to Egypt and left about 80,000 in the United States that were confiscated.

His trial, in which he faces about two dozen federal charges, including fraud, is scheduled to begin on September 3.

He will then face another trial in a California state court for homicide and attempted murder, in which prosecutors could seek the death penalty.

At first the prosecution in Los Angeles ruled out imputation for lack of evidence, but the investigation revealed more information.

This case shows a calculated and cold-blooded plan to take advantage of the deaths of two defenseless children ,” US Attorney Nick Hanna said when federal charges were filed in November.

It is a behavior that shocks and we will do everything possible to ensure that justice is done .”


Source: El Comercio