A Dramatic Wrestling Match Between Two Scottish Beavers In A River In Scotland (VIDEO)

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Near the shore of the Tay River in Scotland, an unusual battle between two beavers developed.

It is unknown what the two beavers were having a disagreement about? However, they kept at each other for awhile.

These animals, better known for their homely instinct, got into fierce mode by grabbing each other with their front legs. Although it seems that the two are locked in a fight to the death and each one tries to tear the hair of his rival, that ‘sparring’ is actually part of a social interaction of the beavers.

The rare footage was recorded by Colin Black in the early hours of the morning. He was aware of a family of beavers that live in the Tay river. Just by luck he was there to catch this morning tussle between the two animals.

Who knows? perhaps these two became very good friends.



Source: Actualidad RT