A Dolphin Jumps For Joy When Fishermen Manage To Free Her Baby That Was in a Deadly Situation (VIDEO)

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The mammal began to jump in the air next to his little one after some fishermen could free the young from a net.

Fishing nets are one of the biggest enemies of marine mammals in their natural habitat. Many of them are broken during working hours and are lost in the middle of the sea forming traps for animals ; in other cases, dolphins and other species become entangled in them while fishermen are fishing.

That is what has happened on the Italian island of Procida, near Naples. A dolphin calf was caught in the net of some fishermen, who recorded the moment in which they were able to free the mammal and found their mother’s thanks in the form of great leaps of joy.

In the video that a Facebook user has posted, you can see how the mother jumps with joy when she sees that her baby has been released . Since dolphins are the smartest animals that are known, one could say that she is grateful to people who have freed the young for their generous act.

Not only that: in addition to the mother, also the newly released little dolphin jumps happily in the air, before the happiness of the fishermen. Finally, mother and young return to the depths of the sea and get lost, while the people who have recorded those impressive images applaud. A great way to finish a work day.


Source: El Confidencial